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Workforce Optimization

Consulting Services

We offer a full range of consulting services to optimize your workforce, including forecasting, scheduling, guides Intraday performance management and “what if” scenario modelling.

Our services include analyses of call/contact volume expectations from Marketing and Sales programs and defining contact increases and fluctuation in 1/2 hour patterns for calls and multi-channel contacts such as email, chat, fax, and correspondence.

We use Erlang C and Merlang best practices contact centre algorithms for forecasting call volumes, staffing, and scheduling. We model scenarios based on your unique requirements.

We have the expertise to
  • Define optimum workforce utilization to incorporate the rising volume of electronic contacts.
  • Analyze workforce utilization and recommend alternatives for more effective use of staff.
  • Forecast optimum staffing requirements, seasonally, yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, by 1/2 hour,
  • Model various scenarios for ramp-ups, peaks, extended hours, 24×7 service, emergencies,
    alert levels and consequences, and multi-channel access.
  • Develop the business case and forecast labour costs savings for consolidation of small offices,
    sites, and queues.
  • Develop analyses for various staffing options to minimize headcount and control costs such
    as using part-time, related departments, outsourcing, and temporary agencies.
  • Select as Vendor Neutral Consultants a long term application in WFM or WFO that fits your ACD including Requirements documentation and RFQ and Selection processes.
Call Center Staffing

The first example, Figure 1, illustrates how the workforce can be optimized in a traditional call
centre to more closely balance the staff for the volume of calls received throughout the day. 

Multi-channel Contact Centre Staffing

The second example, Figure 2, illustrates how the workforce can be optimized in a multi-channel
contact centre to most effectively utilize existing staff to handle electronic contacts during periods
of low call volume – and still meet the requirements for timely email response.

Our Consulting Expertise

Examples of our consulting expertise in the area of workforce optimization for call/contact centre operations with single or multiple skill levels includes:

  • Conducting detailed analysis of ACD reports to define historical call/contact volumes;
  • Forecasting future contact volumes, including calls and ramp ups for email and other electronic contacts;
  • Analyzing call/contact volumes for fluctuation patterns;
  • Developing scenarios for volume increases, expanded hours, multi-channel access, etc;
  • Determining and/or refining client service levels and customer access goals/requirements
  • Reviewing current staffing level configurations and comparing to contact volumes;
  • Developing and/or refine model staffing level scenarios based on various service and
    customer access requirements;
  • Benchmarking call/contact centres to develop competitive service level goals;
  • Defining staff surplus and shortfall variations;
  • Developing and/or refining costs associated with each service level scenario;
  • Define and/or refine the agent recruiting ramp-up schedule for shortfalls;
  • Defining full-/part-time staffing resource requirements as well as outsourcing and temporaries;
  • Defining and/or refining in-house/external resources to handle peaks and/or emergencies at least cost.