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Call Center Start-up/Outsourcing/Disaster Recovery

Call Center Services

We help you plan and manage all facets of starting up or outsourcing your call centre or Disaster for Business service continuance   Our expertise includes detailed strategic planning, developing the business case as well as hands-on project management and implementation, including defining the right technology architecture at the right time, forecasting staffing requirements, and developing quality and human resource programs. We have the expertise to develop correlation models that link sales and transactions to customer contact frequency.

Benefits & Results

We can help you build or outsource a call/contact centre that enables you to deliver cost-effective quality customer service-on time and on budget. Our proprietary approach for  process, which is conducted in conjunction with your staff, ensures buy-in and transfer of our extensive call centre management know-how and expertise.

Deliverables & Project Steps

Examples of deliverables and the project steps required to design and start-up and/or expand a call/contact centre are shown below:

  • Define the Enterprise Vision for Customer Contact: Now & Future
  • Estimate & Project Call Volumes: Modeling & Scenarios
  • Develop Estimated Staffing Projections & Forecasts (Erlang C)
  • Analyze Cost Parameters & Service Level Options
  • Evaluate In-house or Outsourcing Options, Including the Development of RFQ’s, Pricing, and Costs/Benefits
  • Define Detailed Start-up Strategies & Project Planning
  • Design Customer Contact Processes, Scripts, & Protocols
  • Define the Start-up Technology Architecture, Including Functionality, Features, & Scalability Requirements  for ACD/PBX/eBusiness Portals, Interactive Voice Response Units (IVR’s), Computer Telephony Integration  (CTI), Web Interaction Tools & Suites, Workforce Management & Voice/Data/Electronic Monitoring Technology
  • Develop CRM Applications & the Multi-channel Interface
  • Define the Agent Workstation & Desktop Requirements
  • Recommend the Telecommunications & Network Infrastructure
  • Estimate Trunking Requirements (Erlang B)
  • Coordinate Technology Vendor Selection & Implementation
  • Develop Human Resource & Performance Management Programs for Recruitment, Selection, Training, QA, & Compensation
  • Manage & Coordinate the Start-up/Outsourcing Project