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Your Partner for Outsourcing

Callenable understands and strives to deliver the business value originally envisioned by the parties when the contract was signed


Improves the success of your decision to out source by aligning choosing the right partner aligning their out sourcing management and organization structures with the most relevant type of outsourcing transaction process.

Cost Saving

Callenable specializes in Offshore applications out sourcing management which requires a very different management structure than an on-site facilities management deal helping you successfully migrate processes without having to fear trade off better cost savings for less direct control.

Risk Free

We ensure that your out sourcing relationships will not spend more money than is necessary, maximize benefits, increase customer satisfaction, and more importantly, AVOID the risk of out sourcing failure.

Easy to manage

Callenable actively manages contact centres and , BPO facilities across India and Asia Pacific. We pursue business relationships in a large number of seats in call centres across India and Philippines. We structure and provide services for managing all your off shore needs.

We provide outsourcing services in the following areas



Inbound Support Tech Support Level I,II, III

Data Conversion.

Digitization and archival Document Management.

Medical transcription.

Billing and Coding Services.

Health Care Management.



Need to



The result? Outsourcing benefits have multiplied. Companies now report cost savings that average 50 percent over ten years, as opposed to an average of 20 percent savings reported in the mid 1990s. Furthermore, they gain access to competitive skills, improve service levels, and increase their ability to respond to changing business needs. Many public sector organizations have had similar experiences




Today’s business has become so complex that businesses need to specialize and find niche areas; companies today cannot afford to keep all processes that are non-core with them. The mantra is _Outsource. Just as business demands are severe, your outsourcing decision is equally one that will need you to Asses what to outsource when and to whom.

Today many companies use outsourcing as a blunt instrument to offload unimportant activities and wring the costs out, but many have moved to a much more sophisticated approach. Sixty-five percent of the organizations engage in collaborative relationships with outsource business partners to create high-performance support operations that keep pace with industry best practice.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Why are our services priced so competitively?


Callenable’s extremely competitive pricing strategy typically raises concerns regarding the “perceived value” of our services. Many find it difficult to believe such a reasonably priced services are as good as other companies costing hundreds or thousands of dollars more.

small to big call enable

Our intended client base includes, small businesses with varying types of needs, and medium to large sized corporations. Our aim is to provide the same level of service that large corporations and conglomerates deliver to everyone else in the marketplace so they too can benefit from all the new emerging and established business and service practices.


We participate in a market that depends on reliable and secure internet communications more and more each day. The prices are set to target the massive business market audience and make it affordable for all rather than trying to get as much money from just a few large companies and firms.


Worldwide affiliates & customersy


Worldwide affiliates & customersy


Worldwide affiliates & customersy


Worldwide affiliates & customersy






The decision-making process for offshoring and BPO can be a complicated one. Anyone involved in this tricky process is bound to have asked themselves the following questions.
  • Is off shoring right for our business or is there an effective alternative?
  • Do we go offshore, near shore or remain where we are?
  • Is there an optimum time to make the move?
  • Where should we locate to?
  • Should we use a third party service provider or opt for the DIY approach?
  • How do we transfer years of inherent business knowledge over to a different location, with different staff, cultures and expectations?

Finding out the answers to these questions is becoming ever more crucial, as organizations struggle to cut costs and retain their competitive advantage. With the exponential rise in companies offshoring support functions, coupled with Claims of dramatic cost savings, it is no wonder that businesses feel that offshoring offers the one true path to shared services and BPO success. However, as with any major organizational change project, without the proper Consideration, planning, implementation and measurement, costs and other crucial resources can quickly spiral out of control.



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We at Callenable will help you make descisions easier

Making the business case for offshoring
  • Convincing senior management that offshoring is best for your company’s needs
  • How to prove that investing in offshoring will see high returns
  • Is it all about cost saving? What else should you be looking to achieve in the long term?
  • Contingency planning as a crucial ingredient for any offshoring project
  • What are the benefits of working with a provider (vs in-house)?
  • What are the major risks and benefits?
  • Who are the leading providers for each service area (or multiple-services)
  • How do you choose the right location?
  • What are the economic benefits?
  • Service
  • Stability
  • Ease of relocation
  • How do you prepare for such an undertaking?
Making the transition from concept to reality
  • Moving into the next phase: exactly how does the move work?
  • Presenting the company’s vision and beliefs to your employees
  • Motivating and encouraging new employees
  • Getting it right from day one: preferred management strategies
  • How can remote managing work effectively?
Ensuring compliance in your offshore operation
  • Different territories bring different compliance rules: how do you manage these effectively?
  • For example how do you cover VAT when your VAT person is sitting in a European centre rather than the country in question?
  • What do we know now about compliance that we wish we had known before?
  • Compliance carries enormous risk, so how aggressively should it be tackled?
  • How did we overcome the barriers to putting compliance into a regional centre?
Offshoring negotiating offshoring and negotiating and managing the outsourcing agreement.
  • Issues peculiar to Indian offshoring
  • Developing the contract – key components
  • Ensuring your objectives are met
  • From negotiation to management – examining alternative business models for outsourcing
  • Outsourcing vs client – who is in the driving seat?
BPO versus shared services : What are the options. ?
  • On what basis was the BPO evaluation made?
  • Are there any providers who can operate on a truly global scale?
  • How do you determine and evaluate internal service provision options: policy, integration, process and technology?
  • What did the vision for internal shared services look like? What is the relationship between shared services and the HR professionals outside?
  • What does value added mean and how do you work with the business to achieve it?
  • How do you demonstrate value? Why is it important to measure the service provision in terms of value and not in terms of volume?

The Vision

We aim to remain as the best solution provider for our clients in all aspects of business process outsourcing

  • Provide innovative solutions to outsourcers and contact centers who will manage the outsourced processes
  • Provide timely and cost effective solution to our clients
  • Consistently outperform and be able to meet and deliver beyond the expectations of our clients
  • Be known always as a honest company with excellent work ethics
  • Empower our people to so as to enable them to do better and excel
  • Attract the best talent in the Industry
  • Be competitive in all spheres
  • Be able to contribute our mite in making the world a better place for all

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