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Call Center Management Systems Assessment and Analysis

``Callenable...bridged the gap from the strategic to the tactical. There are not many companies...who can do the job they did and perform at a level that more than exceeded our expectations.``
Call Center Expertise

We help you increase the operational effectiveness of your call centre by developing and/or refining your call centre management systems for phone and Web-enabled/Internet customer contact. Our expertise includes a comprehensive review of your call centre’s current management systems, consisting of organization, operating processes, customer access, quality and productivity performance standards and metrics, and benchmarked “best practices,” as well as an evaluation of the “gaps” and the development and/or refinement of the management programs to address those gaps.

Benefits & Results

Let the call centre experts from Callenable  help you enhance customer satisfaction and improve operating efficiencies of your call centre by developing and/or refining your call centre management systems. Our approach towards the process is conducted on-site with your staff. This ensures buy-in, transfer of knowledge for on-going program improvement, and project cost efficiencies.

Deliverables & Project Steps
Examples of deliverables and the project steps required to develop and/or refine the call centre management systems are shown below:
  • Review the goals and strategic mission of the call/contact centre.
  • Review current call centre management systems and performance metrics against “best practices” benchmarks.
  • Develop and/or refine current call centre organization structure, job descriptions and duty alignment, reporting hierarchy, and span of control.
  • Review quality requirements and results and develop/refine program.
  • Develop/refine productivity metrics and performance requirements.
  • Develop and/or refine current operating processes, including 24×7 access and service continuance programs.
  • Design/refine recruiting and pre-employment selection programs, including proficiency and experience requirements, competency-based interviewing, and skill-based assessments and testing
  • Develop/refine compensation programs, including base pay, analysis and recommendations, competitive analyses, skill-based pay, incentive programs, related performance metrics, payout models, ROI’s, funding approaches, and piloting the pay program.
  • Develop/refine career progression programs and performance requirements.
  • Develop Dashboard reporting strategies, reports and technology.