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Call Center/Customer Contact Consolidation

Consulting Services
We offer consulting services to define, plan, and implement the consolidation of call centres and customer contact centres involving multiple sites, regional offices, and/or queues, either physically or virtually.
  • Developing the Business Case – Examples Include:
    • Defining and/or refining the consolidated customer contact service model;
    • Identifying and analyzing the savings for staff and technologies;
    • Identifying change management issues and analyzing business processes;
    • Cost-benefit analyses and site options;
    • Defining the pros and cons of consolidated vs. decentralized customer contact operations;
    • Disaster recovery considerations
  • Detailed project planning, Project management and coordination including designing and implementation:
    • Staff requirements, technology, and systems/applications requirements;
    • Ramp-up schedules;
    • Business Process Redesign;
    • Standardize HR Practices;
    • Standardize Quality Assurance Processes;
    • Performance metrics;
    • Disaster recovery plans;
    • Testing & Piloting new processes and systems.
    • The migration plan and secure customer model.

We have the skills and expertise to help you with everything from defining your consolidated customer care vision, identifying the pros and cons of call centre consolidation, building the business case, identifying technology synergies and requirements, and identifying/redesigning consolidated business processes to managing a full scale project implementation, including developing the support programs.

We use a comprehensive and thorough methodology, built on your unique business requirements and we’re on-site¬†with your staff to guide the process.¬† This ensures buy-in, effective transfer of knowledge, and cost efficiencies.