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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Cost/Benefit-Risk Analysis, Menu Analysis & Design

Consulting Services
We offer the following consulting services for Interactive Voice Response/Automated Voice Response Systems:
  • Analyses of current IVR menu structure and customer utilization;
  • Provide a Cost/Benefit-Risk analysis for this Technology and all Call Center Technologies;
  • Evaluation for an on-premise, networked, or Hosted or combination of these for IVR
  • Design of menus for new IVR systems;
  • Analyzing customer contact types for automated applications;
  • Redesign of menus for existing IVR systems:
  • Testing of IVR menu structures for ease of use and navigation functionality;
  • Benchmarking like industry data for customer utilization and completion;
  • Selection of IVR technology, from traditional prompt systems through natural language speech recognition systems.
Our Consulting Expertise
  • Conducting detailed “event analyses” of customer opt-out patterns, including each menu/prompt¬†selection.
  • Reviewing industry benchmarks for utilization rates.
  • Conducting a detailed analysis of menu structures for related industry/call center applications
  • Analyzing current customer contact types for volume and frequency.
  • Designing and/or redesigning menu structures, prompts, and scripts based on the event analysis,
    benchmarking results, and volume/frequency comparisons.
  • Developing and testing new menu/scripting prototypes and analyzing results.
  • Recommending technology enhancements to improve utilization.
Analysis of Contact Types Example

One of the techniques we use to determine target contact types for a self-service application is a
Pareto Analysis of customer contact types as shown below.  Those contact types representing
the largest volume of contacts is reviewed first for self-service applicability, including complete,
closed-loop business processes.

Event Analysis Example

An example of an analysis of current customer utilization is shown below.¬† The result of the “Event
provides the basis for menu redesign, based on utilization, order, contact volume, customer
completion statistics, and benchmarked competitor data.

How is Our Approach Unique

Our approach to IVR menu analysis and design is unique because we:

  • Analyze current call/contact types and review for closed-loop process to ensure that they
    can be truly be used by customers in a self-service mode.
  • Review the greatest contact volume first for self-service application since, so that the greatest
    call volume load will be taken off the center.
  • Use current and/or anticipated contact volume as a starting point to define the menu structure –
    by placing the based on the most
    frequent contact types.
  • Staffing requirements necessary to support the technology on premise or hosted;
  • Work with consolidation projects to define the potential staff savings associated with centralizing
    customer contact functions.
  • Work with start-up projects to define staff ramp-up requirements;
  • Define optimum customer contact hours, based on customer access patterns and staffing costs.
  • Develop the business advantages and cost savings to combining queues.
  • Define least cost staffing alternatives, such as the use of part-time, related departments, outsourcing,
    and temporary agencies for peaks.
  • Evaluate your total staffing needs for call/contact centers, including infrastructure staff such as
    supervisors and managers, quality assurance, training, recruiting, and HR as well as dedicated technical
    support such as traffic analysts, telephony, and IT/information technology/systems.