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Call/Contact Center Technology Assessment & Solutions

“The project involved telephony and systems architecture as well as best practices and detailed call scripts and maps. They brought the foundation for the call center, call handling, and training…they brought a business reality to the project. They’re great.”
Consulting Services

We offer impartial consulting evaluation, analyses, and services to assess call/contact center technology, systems, and applications.  This includes the expertise to define business requirements, evaluate current functionality, architect a cost effective solution, advise on the impact of future trends, develop short- and long-term phased plans, analyze costs vs. benefits, define and document the Business requirements, develop the business case, develop vendor selection criteria, develop the   RFP’s, orchestrate the RFI/RPP process, and help you select the proper application technology for according to your needs and goals.

We help clients evaluate the technology options that meet their business, budget, and infrastructure requirements, using a step-wise time frame to achieve maximum integration effectiveness.
As a vendor-neutral consulting firm, we provide independent advice and expertise to help you design and/or assess your current call/contact centre and organizational infrastructure.

Our expertise includes the following types of call/contact centre technologies, systems, and applications: 

  • ACD/PBX/Multi-channel blended environment (PSTN & web voice, email, chat, EDI, wireless, an VPN)
  • IVR with or without Speech Recognition
  • Outbound Preview/Predictive/Progressive Diallers
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Web-interaction Suites: ERMS & Chat/Collaborative Browsing
  • CRM/Customer Contact Applications & Multi-channel Interface & Requirements
  • Agent Workstation & Desktop Requirements
  • Workforce Management Software/Technology/Workforce Optimization Technology
  • Voice/Data/Electronic Monitoring Technology
  • Telecommunications & Network Infrastructure and, Call Centre Performance Management Operational and Reporting Systems.
Our Consulting Expertise
  • Defining/refining the strategic vision for customer contact;
  • Identifying the technology requirements to effectively address the strategic vision;
  • Conducting comprehensive, unbiased analyses and assessments of your current call/contact
    centre technology platform (s) and applications;
  • Developing business requirements;
  • Developing technical and functional requirements;
  • Defining customer segmentation requirements;
  • Identifying self-service technology applications;
  • Benchmarking against competitive call/contact centres;
  • Evaluating “gaps” in the current technology platform;
  • Defining technology to meet the business requirements;
  • Identifying and recommending short and long-term solutions, including features,
    functionality, and scalability requirements;
  • Defining technology options and related costs;
  • Developing long range strategic technology plans;
  • Developing the business case and defining ROI’s;
  • Defining a short list of vendors that meet the business, technical, and functional requirements;
  • Leading the development of the selection criteria and selection of technology vendors.
Defining the Business Requirements

This defines your needs document for the Call Center.  It includes onsite call/contact center interviews, observations, and a visionary eye for your future needs sequenced for growth.

Reviewing the Functionality of the Current Technology Platform

Involves onsite analyses of current technology and reporting functionality as well as upgrades and new releases.

Gap Analyses

Involves benchmarking and assessing business requirements and needs against current technology and reporting functionality.

Providing a 360 Degree View

Involves an analysis of priorities and complete benchmarks to identify customer service opportunities.

Developing Phased Recommendations

Involves defining the gaps and strengths/weaknesses of current technology functionality and recommending a plan to address these gaps in phases.

Developing the Business Case & ROI's

 Includes developing ROI’s based on performance improvement factors and technology costs.  Focus is typically on efficiency and quality improvement for the center.  This can include increased customer self-service opportunities and utilization as well as reduced handle time, errors, and rework.

Selecting Vendors

 Includes developing a short list of the vendors who meet the basic business requirements and developing RFP business and selection criteria.