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Call and Multi-Channel Contact Center Business Audits & Benchmarking

“The professionals at Kramer & Associates were very thorough in evaluating our technology improvement and cost reduction plan. Their research of best practices in our marketplace was first rate, and their recommendations will greatly improve our competitive edge in our industry. The added benefit was a greater awareness of ABB Industrial Systems internal processes.”

Consulting Services

Our call/contact centre audits and benchmarking consulting services are conducted onsite. They include detailed analyses, benchmarking, assessments, and best practices recommendations for performance improvement.

Analyses can cover a wide range of call centre or customer contact centre operations, including business processes, performance metrics, reporting, management systems, infrastructure, organization, and technology applications.

A “gap analysis” is conducted to define shortfalls between the existing environment and the suggested  future vision, based on “best practices” and benchmarked competitor data.  Short- and long-term action steps are identified to close the gaps.  Included are recommendations for performance improvement, benefits, opportunities, ROI’s, and cost-benefit analyses including the technologies and applications required to bridge the gap in sequentially noted Short- and long-term order

How is Our Approach Unique?

Our approach is unique because we focus on the total “call centre.”  This is a “holistic” approach considers customers, agents in the centre, the enabling technology, and the business processes involved.  This is our time tested  methodology.

The benefits of this methodology are:

  • First, we focus the call/contact centre processes from the customer perspective – how easily customers can access your centre and transact business with your company.
  • Second, we understand the importance of defining the business requirements as a starting point.
  • Third, we understand the importance of good tools and processes to make agents as effective and efficient as possible – our focus is on solutions that improve the agent’s ability to efficiently serve the customer.
  • Fourth, we understand the importance of the role of benchmarking in conducting a gap analyses and identifying “best practices” for short and long-term recommendations.
  • Fifth, we understand how important the internal infrastructure to effective adoption of any recommendations made.  We work with your organization to develop plans that can be phased in
    to the organization and absorbed over time.

Finally, we understand the importance of being independent and vendor-neutral so that recommendations can be made in the client’s best interest, without being influenced by vendor relationships or commissions.